Riced Out Yugo
Riced Out Yugo brings you Mad Libs for reality
Dear [first name of recipient],

[casual, 'down-with-it' greeting]!

Due to your [superlative adjective] [noun reflecting best attribute of recipient, calculated via 7-dimension system of 350 linear equations on intern's ailing 1997-era Dell], you have been [past-tense verb meaning 'selected' that agrees with previous fill-in] to become part of our exciting new [obtuse, but exclusive-sounding phrase to disguise what is actually being sold].

Be one of the select few to join this exclusive, members-only club. Members enjoy [description of services provided by client to people that join]. Hey, it even [impossible and silly miracle benefit]...just kidding! We try to [phrase indicating the constant level of good-natured fun and strong employee emotional bonds at client's corporate office, selected based on age group of recipient].

Hey, we'll even [verb denoting cutting, removing, and/or decimating] the first [number] [class of time advancement matching previous number] fees. And, for a [limited time], pay for [number] [class of time advancement matching previous number].

["How can you lose?" - not said but implied]

[sunny sign-off imploration],
[name of junior sales executive at client's office],
Winners Dept.

[billing form follows]
Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker @ 2006-08-22 14:07:00
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