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An interview with Richard D. James, aka APHEX TWIN
The Riced Out Yugo staff sent a list of INTERVIEW QUESTIONS to APHEX TWIN via MYSPACE. He elected to not respond to any of the questions we sent, but rather only to questions we did not send. The Riced Out Yugo staff is completely unsurprised by these results. Here, in its entirety, is a revolutionary Richard D. James interview, with all the questions he did not answer.

1. how can you best describe your hair policy?

2. if grandma were to storm the beaches of normandy, would you be opposed to this?

3. please tell us exactly what equipment you use, in one sentence or less.

4. the 80's: time for a revival, or never again?

5. every time you are asked about the tank in an interview, does a little part of you die?

6. what is tom jenkinson's terrible secret?

7. would you say your music makes operating an automobile with manual transmission more difficult?

8. were the virus-flavored tracks part of rephlex's revolutionary anti-piracy department?

9. would 'isopropanol' be a good theme for you when battletank cruisin'?

10. veganism? dvorak keyboard layouts? the furry fandom? bronze statuary? are you into anything weird like this, or are you pretty much a linear chap?

11. you've said you mic'd up your bank for effects. does this bother anyone else in the bank? did it prove an effective method for eliminating rodent problems?

12. have any pets? we hear irish wolfhounds are excellent for sniffing out grooves.

13. are you superstitious?

14. mac? pc? next? bebox? amiga? all five plus others, in diachronic tandem?

15. what do you think the future of the word depends on? how about the world of futures?

16. what should question sixteen be?

17. if you could ask us something, what would it be?

18. in light of recent oil supply issues in non-arab nations, have you converted your tank to run on used fryer grease?

19. is there anything in particular you'd like to make clear to your fans? anything from religious advice to warnings about bad chinese restaurants is game here

20. any parting words of wisdom?
Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker @ 2006-07-31 13:06:00
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