Riced Out Yugo
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the news depresses me.

Elks lodge collapsed 10 months ago, TK died (he's the Elk leader there) and most of them lol'ed, because they were all outside when it happened.


Kelly (17), Ashlee (15) and Tyiana (18) all died when a train hit their car. The family lol'ed because they don't have to pay for college. The train crossing didn't have lights or siren. City is to place a large black woman to warn people of passing train.


Gang leader used e-lol (Myspace) to post about gang violence and being on 'da run from da po-lice'. She lol'ed because the pigs couldn't find her, so the feds were all like "TEN WANTED LIST, BITCH!" She stopped lol'ing when she got caught. Only for a minute, she still lols @ court.
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