Riced Out Yugo
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rave wormhole ACK
"EVERYBODY HAVING A GOOD TIME," the MC boomed. it was somewhere between a question and a command.

"WATCH DA RIEGHTDE!" he prompted next, derailing my attempt to process his ceremonial mastering. watch the ride? as in, like, "watch the ride! i just waxed it!"... or, had he actually said "watch the right"? like, "DJ, your right channel is flanging too hard, adjust your isolator"?

the DJ.... the DJ had what appeared to be a pair of atari STs spinning around on turntables, but i was towards the back and it's entirely possible i was conflating what i was seeing with what i was hearing.

"YEARS AHEAD!" the MC doth interruptus. did he mean: "this is for the years ahead!" or was he asserting that the rave itself was years ahead?

"LIGHTYEARS AHEAD!" the MC belted, clarifying the situation. it was puzzling he'd elected to field my question, given that this was just a mix i was listening to on youtube. was possible that the metapsychological energies of the event had created a singularity -- a magickist homunculus of amen breaks in reality fomenting a wormhole -- available to anyone with the internet?

the sensation is somewhere between a strong memory and a dream. a sense of presence; of being there. really, i do feel there; perhaps i am. that would be lovely. if it's september 16th, 1994, and you run into me in a rave warehouse, could you tell me i said hello? thanks.

"perhaps i can coalesce it with a yugo post," i thought of myself thinking in the car, writing a yugo post. dropping script-fu down in that inital~d.

there was already a certain amount of gravity to evental's horizontz. i'd listened to the mix over and over. i've exercised to it, as i find 45 minutes of raving preferable to a gym membership. but then, there was the disproportionate number of peak events it's triggered -- 6:38, 19:45, you know. the part with the harp glissando that makes you feel like luke vibert's just been sending post cards from a place you finally got to visit. on my knees crying. literally crying. ecstay... and i've never even tried ecstasy. like, i heard this story about a guy who was on a date and his date saw a pill on the floor and wanted to eat it. the logo is the same, she insisted. the gentleman was aghast: that's floor e! you don't know where it's been! it's dirty! five second rule! do any of these things ring a bell? but if it does that sort of thing, i think i sort of understand her attitude, despite being the sort of person who has to get every speck of whatever off the plates. again, it was time for the MC to derail my habitual retreat into an alpha wave state.

"WHISTLERS WHISTLERS WHISTLERS INSIDE RIOOOOT" he screamed. i no longer questioned whether these were questions or commands; it was simply the nature of reality.

wormhole coordinates, standard tube hashtable id notation.
Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker @ 2016-03-18 02:23:24
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