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Entrance Exam
Welcome to your job entrance exam. There is no penalty for failing, but you cannot leave this room -- ever -- until you pass. Please be seated, possibly forever.

1] Analyze the corresponding subspace bracket for zimmolier structure theta, with the assumption that the local cheddar is excellent.

2] This question is multiple choice:

a) We'll see.
b) Go ask your father.
c) horse tranquilizers

3] Attached is the audio of Ms. Grettel's kindergarten classes singing Yankee Doodle, class years 2000-10. Implement a FFT and use a back-prop neural network to analyze the FFT's output. Train the network to sing Yankee Doodle. Submit a FLAC of your network's rendering, and your source code -- in javascript.

4] Please list every acronym relevant to the industry, and what you believe the acronym to stand for.

5] Compose an opera metal song about Donald Knuth. Extra points will be awarded for sounding like Blind Guardian.

6] Explain how you are helping to stop sexual harassment in the workplace.

7] Explain how pixels get on the screen.

8] Please tell us a little about yourself. Be creative!

9] Are you Certified to work In A Cubicle, in America, as a Citizen? [Y/N]

10] [*BONUS QUESTION*] Explain how to do something actually useful with existing quantum computers.

11] [*DOUBLE BONUS QUESTION*] Devise a foolproof rollout strategy for calibrating the ICC profiles on 20,000 assorted beige boxes running sundry flavors of linux.

Good Luck!
Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker @ 2018-06-04 01:44:19
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