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you're a rare noodle
so there's this korg wavestation ex sitting on the table and i have hedfones and a fone and it's like: maybe i could play the korg wavestation ex, listen to the fones on the phones output, use some connector bodge for the 1/L 2/R outputs to output to my fone's input (its hedfone jack).

we've been here before; my brain goes to work. the optimum arrangement would be a male 3.5mm jack with a 6-foot cable to a pair of split RCA outs, color-coded for left and right (ideally with gold-plated connectors [radio shack, we miss ya]). From there, a pair of (ideally gold-plated) RCA to 1/4" adapters.

My process is one of feeling a solution out from a matrix of data culled from years of previous trauma: A cable that breaks out to 3.5mm jacks will have questionable stereo-ocity. 3.5mm to 1/4" jacks further complicate stereo-ocity. they wedge out forever, putting more torque on the synth's connectors. grounding issues can emerge out of the woodwork. it is chaos. anarchy

no, the RCA to 1/4" are shorter, unarguably grounded, and any cable going 3.5mm to 1/4" is reliably color-coded, not anarchy, etc.

perhaps this could be an app. you input your synthesis cabling dilemma, and the app spouts out a few solutions that are projected to be most optimal.

wait... it would be MUCH better if you had the user input a list of what cables and adapters they had on-hand... so you could then compute optimal solutions based on what the user actually had on-hand (like, when i was really broke, once, i found this site. you would type in a list of the groceries you had, and it would split out a list of possible recipes [and that's how i learned to cook without eggs]) and then have referral links to a corporate sponsor (ideally radio shack). since you know what people have, and what they want to do, you are in a superb position to know exactly what to sell them.

...but, how would you get people to sit there and inventory their cables? i suppose the best psychological approach would be to break it down into a series of friendly questions like: "let's talk about plug adapters! gather all the plug adapters you aren't using, and take a photo." licensed google AI then takes over, inventory-ing the dongles, their quantity, type, gold-plated status, etc... 'thanks, super! next, find your unused cables with 1/4" plugs' and use that to unfold a flowchart of increasingly targeted AI questions.

shit, i think i'm just going to play the korg wavestation ex. and i'm not even gonna rekord git
Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker @ 2018-09-13 00:47:05
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