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bethesda bugworx
re: fallout 76
this memo came across my desk, and i am posting it verbatim:

See, this is what people don’t understand: Bethesda doesn’t simply create video games, they build interactive, social, multimedia experiences about video games. The bugs, the bags, the pii leaks, the internet rage; those are all just expertly engineered elements of a meta game that simulates the experience of trying to play a game called Fallout 76. This particular metagame is actually quite multilayered and mirrors the player experience of the purported Fallout 76 game: you become a meta vault dweller in a meta vault! It’s a daring and profound commentary on the nature of video games, entertainment, and the human condition.

Of course, true gamers know that the real fun isn’t in the meta game, but in the meta meta game, that is: in watching people online work through the Fallout 76 meta game. There are even betting parlors for this type of thing on the dark web, provided you know where to look
Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker @ 2018-12-06 04:24:30
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