Riced Out Yugo
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stardate -9001 + 3i
i thot: nanite jim had better have those housatonic particles for me, or he's going to eat the south end of my armalite battleminger 4000, with the the particle beam set to extra burn.

fortunately for me -- and, actually, much more fortunately for nanite jim -- he had 'em. it was on with stage two of the mission....

bursts of ionized helium staggered by me in a photon-induced haze. truly, this was not an upscale neighborhood... but, i had a contact in a dive bar with a sentient particle beam that could, with the proper down-incentive, furnish me with the access code to the zyberborgiane xyzzyix.
Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker @ 2019-04-02 02:12:03
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