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bullshit motivation

Here's my main thought process right here -- and you better believe it's a thought process -- that we should probably not do that. Not because it's bad, but because it's not; and I don't agree with what I said.

What I said was wrong, and I stand by it. But you can't expect me to just stand here and let me say those things. I've moved forward, and so should you. Let's move forward together.

So here's to a brighter future; here's to a better tomorrow; and to the promise of something deep and meaningful. That we may all be united in our isolation.

Let's not fight, because fighting gets us nowhere. Let's not run, because running gets us nowhere. Let's use faux-intelligent repetition, because that gets us somewhere.

Short sentence, followed by applause.

Thank you.

Posted by TRIANGUL THE ALMIGHTY @ 2019-06-28 15:20:40
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