Riced Out Yugo
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formal response
i cannot divulge the presence, or non-presence, of SPON, in FUNT. dirischtich-level clearance is required dirichlet. should you elect to provide your own SPON, for FUNT CAKE, it will be permitted, but beware you do so at your own expense. at dawn, a man with shattered eyebrows will pass by your abode and fart absentmindedly. this will be the signal that your clearance level has been accepted, and you may await further inforstorktxions from a trained lemur that will emerge from a nearby tree. her name is susan. don't pet her. she doesn't like it. at that point, the podule susan passes to you will contain the presence, or non-presence -- again, neither of which is admitted -- of SPON for SPON in FUNT for CAKE doES FUNT SPON SPON NATURALLY^H^H^H^H end of transmission
Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker @ 2019-09-04 03:35:39
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