Riced Out Yugo
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Roger that, Roger. I see the briefcase. It is a nice briefcase. Within it is a piece of paper. It reads, "Do not tell others of the contents of the briefcase."

I breathe heavily. Is it fate, or is it destiny? Time warps around me as space unfolds in a pile of intergalactic swarf. Knowingly, I reach for the tassles. But the tassles are long gone.

CQ CQ CQ, this is TRI calling Roger. Do you copy?

I reach for my pocket Xerox. Slowly, I raise the drum above my head, scan my DNA, and clone myself. I don't know what the fuck that did, but now there are two of me, so that's cool. This is gonna piss off the wife.

Summary thus far

  • smell of fresh toner
  • Case of the Missing Tassles
  • swarf lol
  • custard is nice, unrelated but I thought I'd mention it yknow
Posted by TRIANGUL THE ALMIGHTY @ 2019-09-04 21:38:46
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