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things have become too goddamn centralized
used to be -- you sign up for a cell phone thing, you get a phone free with the plan. of course, it's not free [it's built into the price], but, still... just a higher monthly fee; works out. fair trade

now, however, you need to go through a credit check. if your credit is shit, you can't get a phone on a plan. if you refuse a credit check, you can't get a phone on a plan. in fact, even if you refuse a credit check, they will still want your driver's license number, address, social security, DNA sample... or, no phone, sorry. unless you fight, argue... and then, ok, i guess we can, ok. after 2-3 managers are summoned. that they could all along but they don't wanna.

then they get hacked and your credit is fucked because all that shit they demanded is fucking christmas for some asshole from russia or nigera who pay a few bitcoin for access to t-mobile getting hacked. verizon will be next; mark my words

welcome to america, where we have the right to our dreams crushed by consumer credit reporting lacking any sort of coherent security whatsoever despite society tying our ability to function to credit score

i've dodged all this so far, but i'm increasingly terrified. i think i might just have to become genuinely paranoid to survive, and that's no fun at all.
Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker @ 2021-08-20 08:35:36
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