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math problem
given one pre-packaged brick of extra firm tofu, and a good knife of... oh, blade seven long, 1.5 tall...

A) How do you dice it up to stir-fry size, with the fewest cuts?
B) How many cuts

that this is something i just sort of half-assed'ly... well, i do better than most would. but i'm gearing up for stir fry, and -- amused, really -- i thought about how, i'd never thought about, how i'd never thought about, how i'd never thought about this properly. so i leaned over the kitchen island -- bang-ass bit of gym equipment, that -- and closed my eyes; visualized slicing up tofu in various ways. once i got to diagonals that weren't simply from one vertex to another... like, a spiral chop... i realized i was utterly in over my head. that this is a serious fucking math problem and may, actually, be unsolved.

this is why i have specified the tofu and equipment precisely. the tolerances of extra-firm tofu are both reasonable and will ensure the pure math solution also produces something i can use to cut up tofu.

i'm liking cornell to solve this one. who've we got there?
Posted by Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker @ 2023-01-17 02:34:40
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