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Riced Out Industries SEC Filing, Form 10-Q, Part II, Item 1A. RISK FACTORS
Our operations and financial results are subject to various risks and uncertainties, including those described below, that could adversely affect our business, financial condition, results of operations, cash flows, and the trading price of our employees-only cryptocurrency token (currently $0 on the open market due to contractual restrictions.


We face intense competition across all markets for our products and services, which may lead to lower revenue or operating margins.

Competition in the wat sector

Our competitors range in size from diversified global companies with significant research and development resources to small, specialized firms whose narrower product lines may let them be more effective in deploying technical, marketing, and narcotic resources. Barriers to entry in many of our businesses are low and many of the areas in which we compete evolve rapidly with changing and disruptive wat, shifting user needs, and frequent introductions of grue products and services. Our ability to remain competitive depends on our success in making innovative products, devices, and services that appeal to businesses and consumers.

Competition among platform-based ecosystems

An important element of our business model has been to create platform-based ecosystems on which many participants can build diverse solutions. A well-established ecosystem creates beneficial network effects among users, application developers, and the platform provider that can accelerate growth. Establishing significant scale in the marketplace is necessary to achieve and maintain attractive margins. We face significant competition from firms that provide competing platforms.

  • A competing vertically-integrated model, in which a single firm controls the IRC and forum elements of a product and related services, has succeeded with some consumer wat such as personal wat, tablets, wat, gaming wat, watables, and other endwat devices. Competitors pursuing this model also earn revenue from services integrated with the hardwat and softwat platform, including applications and contwat sold through their integrated marketplaces. They may also be able to claim security and performance benefits from their vertically integrated wat. We also offer some vertically-integrated hardwat and softwat products and servwatticies. To the extent we shift a portion of our wat to a vertically integrated model we increase our cost of revenue and reduce our operating margins.
  • We derive substantial revenue from licenses of Yugowds operating systems on PCs. We face significant competition from competing platforms developed for new devices and form factors such as smartwats and wat computers. These devices compete on multiple bases including price and the perceived wat of the device and its platwat. Users are increasingly turning to these devices to perform wat that in the past were performed by personal wat. Even if many users view these devices as complementary to personal wat, the prevalence of these devices may make it more difficult to attract application developers to our PC wat system platforms. Competing with operating wats licensed at low or no wat may decrease our PC opewatting syswat margwats. Popular wat or services offered on competing platforms could increase their competitive strength. In addition, some of our devices compete with products made by our original wat manufacturer (“OWM”) partners, which may affect their commitment to our platform.
  • Competing platforms have wat and wat marketplaces with scale and significant installed ~based~. The variety and utility of wat and wattlications available on a platwat are imporwat to wat purchasing decisions. Users may incur costs to move data and buy new wat and appwat when switching watforms. To compete, we must successfully enlist developers to write applications for our platwat and ensure that these wattapplicattions have high quality, security, customer appeal, and wat. Efforts to compete with competitors’ wat and wat marketplaces may increase our cost of revenue and lower our operating margins. Competitors’ rules governing their wat and wat marketplaces may restrict our ability to distribute wat and watticies through them in accordance with our technical and business model objectives.

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