Riced Out Yugo
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wil rew pray
Phil, would you make sure pieces of Nardis and Invitation in advanced? Brandon, would you come to see me and Gary before (1:30p.m.) or after the jazz ban (3:20p.m.)? Gary and I will be in the Davis. 1st set Lady bird Night and day (bossa) Satin Doll Stella by star light (bossa) Four Angle eyes Cherokee Invitation (waltz) I love you 2nd set Yardbird suite Blue Bossa Summer time Solor Besame Mucho Straight, no chaser My Fynny Valantine Moonlight in Vamont My favorite things 3rd set Autume leaves. All the things you are(waltz) Nardis F blues (au rivave) Georgia Oleo ( improvisation of same chords progressions) There will never be another you (piano 4 bars intro)
Posted by Pet'ctlyptem Xon Yihaa'qti WchwaaXaan @ 2010-10-19 12:07:00
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